I developed a 40 page marketing campaign for Jamesport Vineyards

Publishers/Book Warehouse Marketing Initiative

A budget I created in Excel for a TV puppet show.

TV Budget & Script Breakdown

Professional Press Releases

Actor on MTV’s Beach House TV Show

My Calling Card/Portfolio sent to MTV

Calling Card with large created prop sent to Conan O'Brien

Calling Card with large created prop sent to Conan O’Brien

WLIW Channel 21 Celebrity Marketing Auction

Celebrity Auction Items Obtain for TV & Film Foundation








My interview with WLNY TV-55 for Tax-Free Week in New York State as manager of Publishers Warehouse

Ray Palma standing behind Fran Capo as she is interviewed for WLNY TV-55 for the Long Island International Film Expo

Marketing & Sales

Through careful consideration, every aspect
of any project is meticulously approached
to achieve maximum individual results.

Published Writings

From everyday people to celebrities, in-depth exposés, published in accessible periodicals and on the Internet.


From being a street reporter for a cable newscast, to being an extra such as on MTV, on-air segments.