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How My Cat Got His Name And The Relation to Star Wars

When I grew up we had many cats and dogs as kids.  They were inside/outside dogs and cats.  So when I decided to get a cat for myself in my apartment, I decided I would keep it inside only. My

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My Father’s Eulogy

We are here to honor and celebrate my father, Giuseppe  Vitali-Palma.  We honor him by stating one of my father’s favorite simple beliefs, “you do good, you get good.”    My father has done a lot of good mostly because he

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My Cat Speaking to Me: Love Transcends Material Belief

This true story is about Raymond and his ten year old cat named Scungelli.  Ray was looking for a black calico kitten and while his siblings all ran and hid, Scungelli walked right up to him, very unafraid and friendly.

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The Fine Line Between this World and the Next

March 18, 2013   The purpose of this writing is to explain the unique way that I met Raymond in the year 1996.  I still marvel over it today, seventeen years later.  Before I elaborate on those details, I need

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