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How My Cat Got His Name And The Relation to Star Wars

When I grew up we had many cats and dogs as kids.  They were inside/outside dogs and cats.  So when I decided to get a cat for myself in my apartment, I decided I would keep it inside only. My

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Transportation Study Run Amok

“No civilization has ever survived without an effective system of movement incorporating land, sea and/or air.” That ominous statement was the introduction to the Southampton Intermodal Transportation Study (SITS) report issued by Dr. Clifford R. Bragdon. Costing over $200,000 and

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My Father’s Eulogy

We are here to honor and celebrate my father, Giuseppe  Vitali-Palma.  We honor him by stating one of my father’s favorite simple beliefs, “you do good, you get good.”    My father has done a lot of good mostly because he

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Berndt Toast Gang

“You should talk to Bunny Hoest,” my friend Susan said on the phone to me. “What is a Bunny Hoest,” I said bewildered. “She’s the writer for The Lockhorns comic strip. She lives in Huntington.” And so I called Bunny.

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Annotated Bibliography

National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences is an organization for people who have an interest in television.  The organization has been around for 55 years.   It is a professional organization where

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To:     Paul Lee, President ABC Entertainment; Brandon Tartikoff, President NBC Entertainment  Nina Tassler, President CBS Entertainment From:   Raymond Palma Subject:   Bringing Comedy back to The Big Three Networks from Cable Date:         April 10, 2013   The purpose of this memo

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My Cat Speaking to Me: Love Transcends Material Belief

This true story is about Raymond and his ten year old cat named Scungelli.  Ray was looking for a black calico kitten and while his siblings all ran and hid, Scungelli walked right up to him, very unafraid and friendly.

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The Fine Line Between this World and the Next

March 18, 2013   The purpose of this writing is to explain the unique way that I met Raymond in the year 1996.  I still marvel over it today, seventeen years later.  Before I elaborate on those details, I need

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