In life, some of us do, some of us observe, and sometimes, some of us do and observe and then we convey it to others with our individualist expressions.

From an early age I have used my creativity and skills to further myself.  From marketing & sales, acting/modeling, retail management and by having my articles and comics published in prestigious newspapers and magazines, I have succeed because of my eclectic abilities and talents.

For several years I worked for United Business Media, an international company, where I was responsible for assisting 80-thousand members consisting of journalists and media organizations such as The Discovery Channel Networks and The New York Times.  I performed online demos to assure clients took full advantage of our online media intelligent  product and service.  I also created the first division technical manual on my own time.

My tenure as a junior literary agent for the L. Harry Lee Literary Agency, gave me experience in  communicating with writers and authors while assisting to represent them to publishers and production companies.  I understand how to interact with professionals as I have personally interviewed them.

I have excellent organization and communication skills.  I understand the importance of different priorities because of my time management experience.

Aside from duties as an office manager, I also have creative experience: so I understand the nuisances of interacting with fellow associates while corresponding with external people.

Working for several newspaper as a writer such as The Southampton Press, I gained insight into their day-to-day operations.  My blogs run the gamut of topics.  I created compelling press releases.  I can create entertaining digital copy as I am published comic as well.

Under my  sales & marketing section you will see how I drove sales and other marketing initiatives for various media companies.  I developed a 40-page marketing campaign for a vineyard where I used the various services and the products on the property to promote the business.  At WLIW Channel 21, I created a unique celebrity marketing campaign for their fundraising. I secured celebrity items for the Long Island Film and TV Foundation.  My experience also had me compiling information for precise and encompassing budget reports as well as breaking-down budgets.

As an adult continuing my education which is nearly complete and I am on the dean’s list with a 4.0 GPA . Or you can view all my honors & awards.

As far as social media, I am well versed in LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter and others.  I understand SEO methods to increase company’s online exposure for marketing.


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Marketing & Sales

Through careful consideration, every aspect
of any project is meticulously approached
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Published Writings

From everyday people to celebrities, in-depth exposés, published in accessible periodicals and on the Internet.


From being a street reporter for a cable newscast, to being an extra such as on MTV, on-air segments.